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Startseite > Forschung > Publikationen > 2005
  • Tepel J, Niehoff P, Bokelmann F, Faendrich F, Kremer B, Schmid A, Kovacs G. Feasibility and Early Results of Interstitial Intensity-Modulated HDR/PDR Brachytherapy (IMBT) with/without Complementary External-Beam Radiotherapy and Extended Surgery in Recurrent Pelvic Colorectal Cancer STRAHLENTHERAPIE UND ONKOLOGIE / 181(11) / 696-703
  • Sipos B, Kojima M, Tiemann K, Klapper W, Kruse ML, Kalthoff H, Schniewind B, Tepel J, Weich H, Kerjaschki D, Kloppel G Lymphatic spread of ductal pancreatic adenocarcinoma is independent of lymphangiogenesis JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY / 207(3) / 301-312
  • Kapischke M, Prinz K, Tepel J, Tensfeldt J, Schulz T Comparative investigation of alloplastic materials for hernia repair with improved methodology SURGICAL ENDOSCOPY AND OTHER INTERVENTIONAL TECHNIQUES / 19(9) / 1260-1265
  • Kapischke M, Prinz K, Tepel J, Tensfeldt J, Schulz T Precoating of alloplastic materials with living human fibroblasts - a feasibility study SURGICAL ENDOSCOPY AND OTHER INTERVENTIONAL TECHNIQUES / 19(6) / 791-797
  • Kapischke M, Bley K, Tepel J, Schulz T Open versus Laparoscopic Operation for Perforated Appendicitis - A Comparative Study ZENTRALBLATT FUR CHIRURGIE / 130(2) / 137-141
  • Ungefroren H, Groth S, Ruhnke M, Kalthoff H, Fändrich F Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) type I receptor/ALK5-dependent activation of the GADD45beta gene mediates the induction of biglycan expression by TGF-beta JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY / 280(4) / 2644-2652
  • Ruhnke M, Nussler AK, Ungefroren H, Hengstler JG , Kremer B, Hoeckh W, Gottwald T, Heeckt P, Fändrich F Human monocyte-derived neo-hepatocytes (NeoHep cells): A promising alternative to primary human hepatocytes for autologous cell therapy TRANSPLANTATION / 79(9) / 1097-1103
  • Ruhnke M, Ungefroren H, Nussler A, Martin F, Brulport M, Schormann W, Hengstler JG, Klapper W, Ulrichs K, Hutchinson JA, Soria B, Parwaresch RM, Heeckt P, Kremer B, Fändrich F Differentiation of in vitro modified human peripheral blood monocytes into hepatocyte-like and pancreatic islet-like cells GASTROENTEROLOGY / 128(7) / 1774-1786
  • Kapischke M, Tepel J, Pai M, Schulz T Sigmoid perforation by compressed carbon dioxide SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY / 40(3) / 256-359
  • Groth S, Schulze M, Kalthoff H, Fändrich F, Ungefroren H Adhesion and Rac1-dependent regulation of biglycan gene expression by transforming growth factor-beta.Evidence for oxidative signaling through NADPH oxidase JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY / 280(39) / 33190-33199
  • Davidoff MS, Ungefroren H, Middendorff R, Koeva Y, Bakalska M, Atanassova N, Holstein AF, Jezek D, Pusch W Muller D.Catecholamine-synthesizing enzymes in the adult and prenatal human testis HISTOCHEMISTRY AND CELL BIOLOGY / 124(3-4) / 313-323
  • Christgen M, Schniewind B, Jueschke A, Ungefroren H, Kalthoff H Gemcitabine-mediated apoptosis is accompanied by increased CD95 surface expression but is not inhibited by DN-FADD in Colo357 pancreatic cancer cells CANCER LETTERS / 227(2) / 193-200
  • Gläser R, Harder J, Lange H, Bartels J, Christopher E, Schröder JM Antimicrobial psoriasin (S100A7) protects human skin from Escherichia coli infection NATURE IMMUNOLOGY / 6(1) / 57-64
  • Brunkhorst A, Karlen M, Shi J, Mikolajczyk M, Nelson MA, Metsis M, Hermanson O A specific role for the TFIID subunit TAF4 and RanBPM in neural progenitor differentiation MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE / 29(2) / 250-258
  • Grützmann R, Boriss H, Ammerpohl O, Lüttges J, Kalthoff H, Schackert HK, Klöppel G, Saeger HD, Pilarsky C Meta-analysis of microarray data on pancreatic cancer defines a set of commonly dysregulated genes ONCOGENE / 24(32) / 5079-5088
  • Hengstler JG, Brulport M, Schormann M, Bauer A, Hermes M, Nussler AK, Fändrich F, Ruhnke M, Ungefroren H, Griffin L, Bockamp E, Oesch F, von Mach M Generation of human hepatocytes by stem cell technology Expert Opinion Drug Metabolism Toxicology / 1(1) / 1-14
  • Soeth E, Grigoleit U, Moellmann B, Röder C, Schniewind B, Kremer B, Kalthoff H, Vogel I Detection of tumor cell dissemination in pancreatic ductal carcinoma patients by CK 20 RT-PCR indicates poor survival JOURNAL OF CANCER RESEARCH AND CLINICAL ONCOLOGY / 131 (10) / 669-676
  • Wolfrum F, Vogel I, Fändrich F, Kalthoff H Detection and clinical implications of minimal residual disease in gastro-intestinal cancer LANGENBECKS ARCHIVES OF SURGERY / 390 (5) / 430-441
  • Muerköster S, Arlt A, Sipos B, Witt M, Grossmann M, Klöppel G, Kalthoff H, Fölsch UR, Schäfer H Increased expression of the E3-ubiquitin ligase receptor subunit betaTRCP1 relates to constitutive nuclear factor-kappaB activation and chemoresistance in pancreatic carcinoma cells CANCER RESEARCH / 65(4) / 1316-1324
  • Kurdow R, Schniewind B, Zoefelt S, Boenicke L, Boehle AS, Dohrmann P, Kalthoff H Apoptosis by gemcitabine in non-small cell lung cancer cell line KNS62 is induced downstream of caspase 8 and is profoundly blocked by Bcl-xL over-expression LANGENBECKS ARCHIVES OF SURGERY / 390(3) / 243-248
  • Schniewind B, Christgen M, Hauschild A, Kurdow R, Kalthoff H, Klomp HJ Paraneoplastic leukemoid reaction and rapid progression in a patient with malignant melanoma: establishment of KT293, a novel G-CSF-secreting melanoma cell line CANCER BIOLOGY & THERAPY / 4(1) / 23-27
  • Kurdow R, Boehle AS, Ankermann T, Schniewind B, Dohrmann P Case report: successful interdisciplinary treatment of cerebrally disseminated invasive pulmonal aspergillosis in a child with acute myeloid leukemia JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC SURGERY / 40(7) / 1191-1194
  • Trauzold A, Röder C, Sipos B, Karsten K, Arlt A, Jiang P, Martin-Subero J-I, Siegmund D, Müerköster S, Siebert R, Wajant H, Kalthoff H CD95 and TRAF2 promote invasiveness of pancreatic cancer cells FASEB JOURNAL / 19(6) / 620-622
  • C Schmidt, B Bestmann, Th Küchler, W Longo, B Kremer Prospective evaluation of quality of life of patients receiving either abdominoperineal resection or sphincter-preserving procedure for rectal cancer ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY / 12 (2) / 117-123
  • C Schmidt, B Bestmann, T Küchler, W Longo, B Kremer Ten-year historic cohort of quality of life and sexuality in patients with rectal cancer DISEASES OF THE COLON & RECTUM / 48(3) / 483-492
  • C Schmidt, B Bestmann, T Küchler, W Longo, B Kremer Factors influencing sexuality and quality of life in patients with Rectal-Cancer INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMPOTENCE RESEARCH / 17(3) / 231-238
  • C Schmidt, B Bestmann, T Küchler, W Longo, B. Kremer The impact of age and quality of life in patients with rectal cancer WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY / 29(2) / 190-197
  • C Schmidt, B Bestmann, H. Lindemann, T Küchler, M Löhnert, B Kremer Quality of life and sexuality after surgery for rectal cancer--a follow-up study ZENTRALBLATT FUR CHIRURGIE / 130(5) / 393-399
  • S Maune, K Kurz, J Meyer, D Ross, T Küchler, CE Schmidt Quality of life assessment in otorhinolaryngology. History, measures and methods Otolaryngol Pol. / 59(4) / 489-504
  • RM Galalae, J Michel, JU Siebmann, T Küchler, K Eilf, B Kimmig Significant Negative Impact of Adjuvant Chemotherapy on Health-Related Quality of Life (HR-QoL) in Women with Breast Cancer Treated by Conserving Surgery and Postoperative 3-D Radiotherapy A Prospective Measurement STRAHLENTHERAPIE UND ONKOLOGIE / 181(10) / 645-651
  • T Strate, Z Taherpour, C Bloechle, O Mann, JP Bruhn, C Schneider, T Kuechler, E Yekebas, JR Izbicki Long-term follow-up of a randomized trial comparing the beger and frey procedures for patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis ANNALS OF SURGERY / 241(4) / 591-598
  • Schmidt CE, Bestmann B, Küchler T, Longo WE, Rohde V, Kremer B. Gender Differences in Quality of Life of Patients with Rectal Cancer. A Five-Year Prospective Study WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY / 29(12) / 1630-1641
  • Platz KP, Braun F, Fandrich F, Kremer B, Mueller AR IL-2 antagonists: the European perspective. Transplantation Proceedings / 37(4) / 1783-1784
  • Behrend M, Braun F. Enteric-coated mycophenolate sodium: tolerability profile compared with mycophenolate mofetil. DRUGS / 65(8) / 1037-105
  • Ringe B, Braun F, Moritz M, Zeldin G, Soriano H, Meyers W Safety and efficacy of living donor liver preservation with HTK solution Transplantation Proceedings / Vol. 37, Issue 1 / 316-319
  • Jahnke T, Schafer FK, Bolte H, Rector L, Schafer PJ, Brossmann J, Fandrich F, Hedderich J, Heller M, Muller-Hulsbeck S 2005 Dr. Gary J. Becker Young Investigator Award: periprocedural oral administration of the leflunomide analogue FK778 inhibits neointima formation in a double-injury rat model of restenosis. J Vasc Interv Radiol. / 16(7) / 903-910
  • Schulze M, Fandrich F, Ungefroren H, Kremer B. Adult stem cells--perspectives in treatment of metabolic diseases. Acta Gastroenterol Belg. / 68(4) / 461-465


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