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In addition to the scientific research on the cause of psoriasis and the interaction between psoriasis and its comorbidity, we are also investigating how drugs affect this skin disorder.

In particular, fumaric acid esters that have been registered for many years in Germany and are frequently being used for the treatment of psoriasis are a main focus of interest.

We want to help!

Therefore we offer special consultation hours for patients suffering from psoriasis to provide comprehensive care.

We are innovative!

In our PSORIASIS-CENTER we have access to the latest national and international drugs and therapies in development for the treatment of psoriasis and patients have the opportunity to participate in national and international clinical trials.

We want more!

We are developing programs to improve the care of our patients. Therefore we have started a dietary coaching program especially designed for patients with psoriasis.  We have developed helpful tools for smoking cessation. Future programs to reduce negative impacting factors on psoriasis will be announced on this page.

Our activities in detail

Psoriasis clinic

The psoriasis clinic is the main contact point with our patients. Through intensive consultations with our specially trained physicians we try to find the individually suitable therapy for each patient. And even if the hereditary predisposition of   psoriasis cannot be eliminated, there are a range of therapeutic options to alleviate the symptoms very well. A complete freedom of appearance for months to years is possible. A comprehensive patient care offers the best prerequisites for this. Together with our comprehensive care strategies and the participation of our patients in scientific projects or clinical trials we can actively work together to provide better care and therapies in the future.

Clinical trial unit

In our clinical trial unit we offer additional treatment options. Patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials with new systemic or topical drugs. In addition to the intensive care and treatment of patients, the clinical trials are a very important contribution we are making together with our patients.

Special programs

Since 2014 we are offering a first-time behavior intervention program for obese patients with psoriasis. With this program we support the idea of a holistic treatment approach by trying to not only  improve conditions with drugs, but to reduce any triggering and supporting factors such as  obesity.

It is our pleasure to inform you about possible participation in clinical trials or scientific programs.
Please contact us:

Special programmes

Since 2014 we are offering for the first time a behavioural intervention programme for overweight psoriasis patients. With this programme we support the idea of integrative and comprehensive care for psoriasis patients that goes far beyond drug therapy. In addition, it is our approach to actively work to prevent and/or reduce trigger factors of the disease.

It is our pleasure to inform you about possible participation in clinical trials or scientific programmes.

Please contact us: