Science and research

Research and medical care at UKSH range at highest levels. Both are characterized by inter-disciplinarity and carried out in an inter-professional manner.  The cluster Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation - granted to Kiel University and integrating more than 200 scientists from Kiel and Lübeck Universties - seeks to systematically innovate the translation of scientific breakthroughs in disease taxonomy and individualized interventions for patients with chronic inflammatory barrier diseases, with the ultimate goal to restore health or to prevent the outbreak of an illness by assessing individualized predictive indicators. UKSHs academic medicine standards are upheld and developed by the medical expertise of the Faculty of Medicine, Kiel University, and by the Section of Medicine of Lübeck Universty. Researchers of these institutions head medical care and research within UKSH. Thus patients profit from the close connection between medical research and health care as it contributes to the constant high standard of health care provided by the center's 2,000 physicians, scientists and researchers, and 3,600 health staff in 80 clinics and institutes, guaranteeing excellent, highly individualized, multi-disciplinary clinical diagnostics and medical treatment as well as cutting edge research.

Kiel Universty - Faculty of Medicine

Kiel Universty
Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stephani

Lübeck Universty - Section of Medicine

Lübeck Universty
Section of Medicine
Prof. Dr. med. Christopher Baum