Chemoresistance and 3D-Cell Culture Models (Dr. Hedemann)

Chemoresistance and Biomarker

Ovarian cancer is the tumor entity with the highest mortality rate among gynecological tumors. This has two major reasons, the lack of reliable biomarkers and the risk to develop resistance towards chemotherapeutic treatment. Thus, our research group aims to address these challenges by searching for novel biomarkers and by investigating potential chemoresistance mechanisms. We particularly focus on A Disintegrin and Metalloprotease17 (ADAM17) and it´s downstream signalling. ADAM17 gets activated upon chemotherapy, leading to receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) activation and initiation of survival pathways. Thus, we aim to find novel combinatorial treatments to counteract this signaling and resensitize cells to chemotherapeutic treatment. Moreover, we collect, process and investigate patient derived material including cells, serum and ascites to investigate novel biomarkers and extracellular vesicles.



Institute of Immunology, Kiel: PD Dr. Marcus Lettau & Prof. Ottmar Janßen; Dr. Hans-Heinrich Oberg & Prof. Daniela Wesch;
Institute for Experimental Tumor Research, Kiel: Prof. Susanne Sebens; Institute of Biochemistry: PD Dr. Dirk Schmidt-Arras;
Division of Stem Cell Transplantation and Immunotherapy, Kiel: Dr. Katja Klausz & Prof. Matthias Peipp; Clinic of Gynecology, Dresden: PD Dr. Jan Kuhlmann; Section for Translational Surgical Oncology & Biobanking, Lübeck: Prof. Timo Gemoll

3D-Cell Culture Models

In order to better mimic the three-dimensional character of tumors and tissues, we develop different 3D cell culture models and establish read-out stategies including automated imaging approaches and cytotoxicity assays. By including different cell types and translation of our system to primary cells, we aim to a) establish reliable models for in-vitro drug testing and b) investigate novel approaches of tissue reconstruction.



Institute of Material Sciences, Kiel: Dr. Fabian Schütt & Prof. Rainer Adelung; Institute of Pathology, Kiel: Sandra Krüger & Prof. Christoph Röcken; Clinic of Gynecology, Hamburg: PD Dr. Leticia Oliveira Ferrer; Cellbricks GmbH, Berlin; Alexander Thomas & Dr. Lutz Kloke