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Dear Couple,

Our centre is specialised on the diagnosis and therapy of infertility. Intensive research on human reproduction and infertility has recently led to new treatment options, which have enabled us to help couples for whom there was previously no hope of procreation. Beyond the treatment and diagnosis of infertility we deal with hormone related disorders of the female and male, andrology, fertility preservation and the basic science of human reproduction.


Infertility is a very personal matter that can equally affects both partners. It can cause doubts, fears and ultimately it can prove a testing time for a relationship. A comprehensive modern reproductive care can help couples at this difficult stage of their life. Our goal is to combine latest state-of-the-art reproductive medicine with a personal and empathetic treatment approach.

In a personal consultation we can describe to you the underlying reasons for unintentional childlessness along with the most significant modern treatment options, and we can explain the chances of success and the risks of infertility treatment. We then initiate the necessary steps in the diagnostic process. In a follow-up consultation, the diagnosis is discussed and a treatment plan is developed. Financial issues (reimbursement of treatment cost by your insurer) and time factors will be clarified.

We emphasize that in our centre the male partner will be involved in all treatment decisions. The male partner can also be present at any examination or diagnostic procedure of his wife. To allow compatibility of job and fertility treatment, we offer a flexible appointment scheme. This also aims at reducing treatment related distress and burden. Appointments for examinations by sonography can be given as early as 07:10. Two days a week we offer evening consultations. Four days a week we offer telephone consultations. We also works Saturdays and some red-letter days. In case of emergency, one of our doctors can be reached via a 24-h emergency line.

All modern test procedures for clarifying the causes for infertility are available at our centre: Sperm tests (spermiograms), cycle monitoring, outpatients operations, e.g. abdomen and womb endoscopy (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy), ovarian stimulation, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), intracytoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI), extraction of sperm from the testicles (TESE), extraction of sperm from the sperm ducts (MESA) for IVF/ICSI treatments, freezing of sperm and eggs in the impregnated state (cryoconservation). Furthermore, we are engaged in "no-hormone" IvF, termed in-vitro maturation, and fertility preservation.

We have also incorporated a clinical psychologist into our treatment strategy. Finally, we are open to complementary medicine and can offer treatment that integrates acupunctur/traditional Chinese medicine with modern reproductive care.

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