Our Laboratory is dedicated to translational research and precision medicine, in particular in cancer. We believe that the key to understanding the underlying mechanism of disease development lies in unravelling not only genomic alterations but also understanding alterations in gene and protein expression and their functional meaning. Our research focusses on prostate and head and neck cancer. We are interested in the molecular alterations in advanced and metastatic prostate cancer. Our translational methods however are applicable to a variety of diseases so please don’t hesitate to contact us about collaboration.


“SPP 2084 – mbone – Colonisation and Interactions of Tumor Cells within the Bone Microenvironment”

Project 22: Development and validation of a gene expression assay as prognostic and predictive biomarker in prostate cancer bone metastases

This project aims to develop a tissue-based biomarker to evaluate molecular changes in bone metastases from prostate cancer rather than in the primary tumor to predict prognosis or response to –targeted– therapy. This assay could be of benefit for these patients as it might guide therapy as well as surveillance strategy. In this research project, we will apply a gene expression assay to robustly detect differentially expressed candidate genes and patterns of pathway regulation in archival formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) bone metastases from prostate cancer patients. Data generated in this proposed research project will enhance our knowledge of the transcriptome of prostate cancer bone metastases, its response to systemic treatment and its microenvironment within the bone niche. It will provide a meaningful bidirectional translational benefit both for the patient and the researcher. We will develop and validate a gene expression assay that can act as a biomarker either on its own or in conjunction with traditional clinical or tissue-based parameters. In addition, we will show, that robust gene expression analysis is feasible from FFPE tissue from bone metastases thus facilitating further research in other tumor types that are prone to bone metastases.


Prof. Dr. med. Verena-Wilbeth Sailer
Principal Investigator
Translational Pathology
Phone: 0451 500-15833

Alireza Saraji
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Phone: 0451 500-15825

Janine Stegmann-Frehse
Phone: 0451 500-15825

Katharina Hempel
Cand. med.

Leopold Torster
Arzt, Doktorand

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