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At the University Heart Centre Lübeck - Department of Rhythmology - you will receive excellent medical care. And when it comes to our services, you can be sure that you are in good competent hands. Below you will find a detailed list of all the procedures we offer our patients.

On behalf of our team, I look forward to welcoming you here!

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Prof. Dr. Roland Richard Tilz

Tel.: 0451 500-44511

Emphases in Patient Care

  • Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation via Cryo-, Laser-or radiofrequency energy

  • Catheter ablation of typical and atypical atrial flutter

  • Diagnostic and catheter ablation of AV-nodal-reentrytachycardia

  • Diagnostic and catheter ablation of Wolf-Parkinson-White-Syndrome

  • Catheter ablation of focal atrial tachycardia

  • Catheter ablation of premature ventricular contractions and ventricular tachycardia

  • Epicardial approaches for catheter ablation procedures

  • Medical treatment of arrythmias

  • Individualized stroke prophylaxis via oral anticoagulation

  • Minimal invasive occlusion of the left atrial appendage for stroke prophylaxis

  • Implantation and programming of pacemaker and implantable cardiac defibrillator devices

  • Implantation and programming of cardiac resynchronization therapy devices for heart failure patients

  • Leadless pacemaker implantation

  • Subcutaneous implantable cardiac defibrillator implantation

  • Lead extractions

  • Diagnostics of syncope via event recorder implantation

  • Emphases in Research

  • Catheter ablation of arrythmias via modern technologies

  • Evaluation of new techniques of arrhythmia treatment (rotor ablation, multi-electrode mapping)

  • Evaluation of epicardial left atrial appendage closure systems

  • Cerebral protection during catheter ablation procedures

  • Emphases in Education

  • European Heart Rhythm Association recognized training center

  • German Cardiac Society recognized trainig center for rhythmology, invasive electrophysiology and active rhythm-devices

  • Additional Information/Services

  • Implantable cardiac defibrillator devices support group

  • Heart rhythm outpatients clinic


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