TimeEvery summer semester
ProgramInternational Master of Infection Biology,
second term
ECTS6 (together with part A)
Type2 SWS lecture

Module coordination  

Dr. Nora Eisemann

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Tel.: 0451 500-51219Fax: 51204

Contents of Teaching

The module „Epidemiology“ introduces the field of epidemiology and its methods.
Topics of the lecture include:

  • Descriptive epidemiology:

    • Measures of frequency (incidence, prevalence etc.)
    • Age standardization
  • Medical diagnosis (sensitivity and specificity etc.)

  • Infectious disease epidemiology

  • Causality

  • Study designs:

    • randomised controlled trial
    • cohort study
    • case-control study
    • cross-sectional study
  • Random error, bias and confounding

  • Investigation of disease outbreaks.

Qualification goals/Competencies

The overall goal of the module is to give the students the skill:

  • to understand, explain and interpret epidemiological measures and other results from epidemiological research

  • to understand and explain technical terms used in epidemiology

  • to choose adequate methods for a given research problem in epidemiology

  • to choose adequate study designs for given research problems and discuss their advantages and limitations (including possible sources of error, bias and confounding) and

  • to judge if results from a particular study are valid or biased and what can be concluded from them (for example in terms of causality).


Dr. Nora Eisemann

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Tel.: 0451 500-51219Fax: 51204

Prof. Dr. Annika Waldmann

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Tel.: 0451 500-51240Fax: 51204

 Christiane Rudolph (Institut für Krebsepidemiologie e.V.  E-MailChristiane.Rudolph@uksh.de)

Responsible for this module  

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Katalinic

Tel.: 0451 500-51200Fax: 51204

Student Office

The student office is open Monday to Friday 10-12 a.m. or by arrangement.

Sebastian Rölle

Assistenz des Direktors, Studierendenbüro
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