Vertiefungskurs / Consolidation course: DIY: From a research question to a valid answer

(LS5200 / LS5205 – IB5)

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Time21.02.2022 - 25.02.20229 am to 6 pm+ Postersession in Spring  2022

International Master of Infection Biology, third term
Master Molecular Life Sciences
Master Nutritional Medicine
TypeSeminar with practical work24  contact hours, 10  hours self-study

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For your future research career you will need skills to seek trustworthy answers to your research questions. In order to gain valid answers, a series of pre-conditions has to be met. First of all, be very precise and specific in formulating what you want to know (your objectives). Second, focus on relevant aspects of your study (hypotheses, outcomes …). Third, after designing and conducting your study, apply appropriate statistics to summarize your results. And finally, think about limitations and strengths of your study in order to draw the right conclusion.

All this will be dealt with in this consolidation course, in which you will set up your own survey, go into action to get your own data, analyze the data, and present your own results in form of a poster to fellow students.

Lectures: Good research questions / Literature search, Create your own survey / Questionnaire design, Writing up the results of your study, How to do a poster and how to present it?

Lecture (Refresher): Basic and elementary statistics

Qualification goals / Competencies

  • Students are able to describe the key elements of a study protocol

  • Students are able to set up a web-based survey

  • Students are able to choose appropriate statistics to analyze their data

  • Students should gain practical skills in how to design, conduct, analyze, and present the results of a cross-sectional study


Staff members Institute for Social Medicine and Epidemiology

Course coordinator

Moritz Hadwiger

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
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Laura Schumann

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Lehrkoordination
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Student office

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