Announcement UCC NORD CONNECT (Cooperative NORD-Networking for Early Career Teams) Grants 2022

We aim to promote collaborative cancer research projects and the exchange of young medical & clinician scientists within the UCC NORD consortium.

Therefore, we will award up to 50,000 € per project according to your plans for innovative & trend-setting tandem projects between UCCSH (Kiel or Lübeck) and UCCH scientists.

Team up with a partner from the UCCSH or UCCH and hand in your joint proposal (one proposal by two PIs) until September 20, 2022!

Here is everything you need to know:

What are the criteria for participation?

Tandem Project
The project must be executed by a tandem team, with one partner based at the UCCH (Hamburg) and the other at the UCCSH (Kiel or Lübeck).

Topic in UCCSH Oncology-Programs
The applicants need to work in the UCCH or UCCSH on an oncology-related topic that ideally fits into the core focus areas of UCCH and UCCSH (research programs and focus areas can be found on the respective websites).

Eligible are early career medical & clinician scientists, up to 6 years after completion of their doctoral thesis (MD or PhD). A very good doctoral degree (magna or summa cum laude) is a requirement. Habilitation is an exclusion criterion*

Minimum: per applicant 1 publication as (shared) first or last author, at least manuscript submitted.

* At least one of the two PIs must fulfil this criterion. Parental leave: up to 2 additional years/child may be recognized.

What to hand in and how to submit your work?

CONNECT Grant Proposal
Please use the CONNECT Grant Proposal Template [word file]. The application should be written in English, font Arial 11 pt., and should not exceed 4 pages excluding references and appendices.

Please provide a short CV from each partner (one page per person)

Letter of support
Please provide a letter of support for each of the applying PIs by their respective Department Head.

Please email your CONNECT grant proposal to

What`s the timeline?

Early July 2022

September 20, 2022

Decision announcement
End of October 2022

Funding period
January 1st, 2023 – December 31st, 2023

Project Presentation - Results
NORD Seminar

What are the criteria for evaluation ? (strongest criterion is “added value”/strategic implementation within UCC NORD)

  • Added value – how well do the partner sites complement each other/make use of shared ressources (biobank, technologies etc.)? Will there be an overall strategic benefit for the UCC NORD?

  • Potential – how strong is the potential of the project for follow-up studies and funding?

  • Innovation – does the project represent a new and innovative idea that was not already followed before?

  • Quality – what´s the degree of excellence of the proposed research project?

  • Feasibility – how realistic is the implementation of the proposed project in the given time?

Funding for the CONNECT inititative is kindly provided by the medical faculties of the Universities of Kiel and Lübeck and the Mildred Scheel Cancer Career Center Hamburg (MSNZ HH) which is funded by the German Cancer Aid.

In case of questions do not hesitate to contact us at:

Phone UCCH: 040-7410-59212
Phone UCCSH: 0431-500-18512