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How to apply for samples and corresponding data

Scientists who want to utilize specimens and/or sample-related data of a P2N partner biobank for scientific use may either contact the P2N management office ( or will find a brief instruction for the application procedure in the following section.

A formal paperless application using the online form at the  P2N web portal ( is required for any use of samples or data. Following your online application and in case of any further requirement you will be contacted by the P2N management office via the P2N web portal. Your application will be internally reviewed by P2N and you will receive a formal decision upon your application regularly within 4-6 weeks. In case of an affirmative decision, the respective P2N partner biobank will contact you directly.

When utilizing the P2N portal for the first time, you will need to register/sign up to receive a login/password. The P2N portal web page contains a link to a howto-page with additional information about the application process.

In case of any questions, please contact the P2N management office.


Involvement of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)

All applicants are obliged to consult their local IRB and present an affirmative IRB approval for the planed study/analysis. If the IRB approval was issued by the Ethics Committee of the Medical Faculty of the CAU Kiel, it is sufficient to mention the IRB-reference number and project title of the affirmative vote on page 5 of the application form. If applicable for the planned study, an IRB approval for a previous application/consultation can be presented, since all applications for samples and/or data will be forwarded to the Ethics Committee of the Medical Faculty Kiel for validation.